December 10, 2012

Bad Day #2 & Team Willow

I drove with Michael this afternoon to spend some time with Willow at Martha's farm.  As we were pulling up to the barn, Martha called my cell phone. "Your girl is really struggling, Shana..."  I quickly interrupted her to tell her we were there.  It was raining and nearly dark inside the barn.  We walked toward her stall to find Martha and one of her boarders, Laurie, inside with Willow.  Laurie seemed to be assisting Martha, and they explained that Willow was again choking and struggling to swallow.  It had been 4 days since her last episode, and this one lasted even longer.  I tried so hard not to cry, and sweet Laurie left Willow for a minute to come give me a hug.  Though we had just met, she could tell I needed one...  I was just so disappointed and discouraged.  I remember our other vet Dr. Kimmons explaining that mnny horses with "choke" have bad episodes maybe 2 or 3 times a year.  This was two in less than a week. Although now we are all thinking that she doesn't have typical "choke"... that is may be something quite different. So much about Willow is a mystery...

Laurie looked at me intently and told me how much she loved Willow and then she thanked me for saving her. It always feels a bit strange to be thanked, as I feel I am the lucky one... and also, I am certainly not doing this alone.  There are so many wonderful people with me on "Team Willow" (as I like to call it)...  Michael, Martha, Dr. Hawthorne, Dr. Kimmons, Mascha, Laurie, Lynde, Leah & Mark, and all the others at the barn who stop by to say hi or hug her, and certainly everyone who is praying for her and supporting me with well wishes, advice, and encouragement.   Thank you. ♥ 

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  1. Keep your head up, it will get better, it has to.