About Me

My name is Shana Rae.... mom to three wonderful kids. Sophie Lu, my beautiful 8 year old daughter from China... Oliver, my fun loving 6 year old son from Guatemala, and Sasha Lili, my sweet 4 year old baby girl. Last summer, my husband Michael and I decided to mover our family across the country (from Los Angeles are to a little town outside of Nashville, TN). We were looking for a new place to raise our children... somewhere the air was clean and the people were wholesome. We bought a beautiful house in an equestrian neighborhood on a quiet tree lined street.... but I soon discovered that living in the country wouldn't solve all of my problems.  Plagued by fear, worry, and the stress of a successful business, I sought solitude in the farm across the street and found peace in my time spent with a big, beautiful Friesian horse that needed my attention as much as I needed his.  And so began my love for horses.  ♥

Willow is our third horse, and after rehab at Martha's farm, she will join Paloma and Charlie at ours.  This blog is about love and healing (both Willow's and mine) and our journey together. ♥

A little about my business (Florabella Collection)...
My passion for photography began in 2005 during a trip to China to adopt our daughter Sophie Lu. I was so in awe of her beauty and the sweet little things she did, that it was hard to put my camera down. I decided to become serious about it in 2007 when I started learning the technical side of photography (although I still don't always follow the rules). Sophie was a willing model until she turned 4 (now I have to bribe her), so it was then that I started experimenting with florals and using textures to transform them in Photoshop. Soon, I began creating my own textures and eventually started the Florabella Collection  (Photoshop Actions & digital resources for photographers) which has been a successful and fun creative outlet. I've been fortunate to have been noticed by several publishers who have licensed my floral & equine images for cards and wall art. I am very grateful to have found a hobby and business that I love so much.

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