December 24, 2013

A Christmas Gift

It's Christmas Eve, and something very special and beautiful happened this morning... I woke up early and went out to feed the horses. It was cold, and the sun was peeking up over the hills. I put hay down for Misty right outside Willow's stall. But instead of eating it right away, Misty looked toward the sun, and then all of a sudden, it started to snow! I grabbed my cell phone from my coat pocket and started snapping. You can't really tell how much, but the snowflakes were the big fluffy kind. And as they fell from the sky, I got that old familiar feeling - almost like butterflies - that I used to get when Willow was with me. Snow always reminds me of Willow, but this morning, I knew she was with me. I think Misty knew too. I can't believe I caught this moment with my iPhone. I think the snow was Willow's gift to me... a peaceful reminder of God's love (just like she was). What a beautiful way to start my Christmas Eve... my heart is so full. I wish everyone could experience their own Christmas miracle today... ♥

December 18, 2013

Christmas Barn

Decided to decorate the white barn this year for Christmas... The last photo is of the decorations on Willow's stall door.  ♥ 

December 10, 2013


I was so excited to wake up early to a blanket of beautiful snow... I ran out with my iPhone and grabbed this shot of Misty and Rain.  Despite the snow, the sun was shining, and their coats were warm. Snow always reminds me of Willow. ♥

December 5, 2013

Morning at Martha's Farm

One year ago today, Willow was delivered to me at Martha's farm.. I drove out there early this morning and surprised Martha. I brought Martha a small, handmade painting of a Friesian horse on old barn wood.  I also brought the old Faith sign that I kept on Willow's stall door, and I hung it back up. Martha gave me a big hug, and we spent some time together right there in Willow's stall.

I don't think I'll ever be able to express just how grateful I am to Martha for all she did for Willow... and for me.  Mostly though, for loving Willow with her whole heart. Willow has brought many gifts to my life... and one of the greatest gifts is Martha's friendship.  Yes, we were friends before, but our friendship has grown so much during our journey with Willow and even now many months after her death.  Martha has done amazing things for our horses, but truly the most amazing thing is what she has done for my soul and for my faith.  I appreciate and admire her so much... she is sure proof of God's love.  And I am the fortunate witness...  and the very lucky recipient of her guidance, encouragement and unwavering love.

I cried plenty of tears this morning- happy tears because I am so thankful for the time I had with Willow and for everything our journey together has meant to me. And look who showed up right when I was about to leave... Abigail! Willow's best kitty friend... such a sweet kitty. I really feel like Willow was there today too... right there with us. In fact, I know she was.