October 13, 2013


She arrived in the long fancy horse trailer driven by her owner's grandparents. I couldn't help but think of how different this was compared to Misty's when she drove up in the rickety old hillbilly cattle trailer. I could see through the window that she indeed looked a lot like Violet, but was surprised when she backed off the trailer that she was a bit taller than both Misty and Violet.. My guess was 15.2 hands. Her coat was shiny, black and perfect... her tail was properly braided up, and her mane was evenly cut and very short so it could be neatly plaited for shows. Before I took her lead rope, I looked into her eyes. They were big and round and brown. And deep. I got that feeling in the bottom of my stomach... butterflies. As I slowly lowered my face to exchange breaths with her, I whispered "Hello sweet girl... welcome home". And I kissed her soft nose. As we all talked, I led her over to the front lawn so she could eat some grass. What a treat for her, as the man explained... she never got to eat grass... Only grain and hay in her stall. He told us that she was always kept in her stall, unless she was working or showing. Like many show horses, they wanted her to avoid any injuries or cuts/scrapes... and they wanted her coat to be shiny and black and perfect for shows. Boy, was her life about to change.

 I already knew I was keeping her. But I indulged the man who was insisting that we tack her up and take her for a ride. Normally, my fear would set in... horse I don't know, just coming off 3 1/2 hour trailer ride, new place, no other horses, yummy grass she'd rather eat, new rider, new tack, etc. etc. But I rode her...right there on our front lawn. And he was right- she was perfect. I hopped up on the big western saddle and even attempted to neck rein her. She was so slow and smooth and easy. Her trot was amazing... a dream really. And Michael rode her too. The man told Michael "lope her off" (that saying still cracks me up), and I could see Michael trying not to let me see him smile as he cantered her all around the front of our property.  I could tell he liked her.

After they left, we walked our new sweet girl back to the mares' pastures. I had taken Paloma, Misty, Violet and Mirabella to the back pasture and closed off half the barn. We needed to keep them away from our new mare until they had gotten to know each other a bit from over the fence. I made sure that she had fresh water and hay, loved on her for a bit, and then walked back to the house. I turned around and looked back at her grazing in the warm sun and thought of how ironic it was that her registered name was Sunshine... as she was never allowed to be outside in the sun. I wondered how it must have felt for her to feel the sun on her back as she grazed on the sweet grass. I still had butterflies... and as I walked, it started to rain. It was so sunny, and the rain took me by surprise. It was a beautiful rain, and it felt so good- I had to smile trying to remember the last time I walked in the rain without an umbrella. I couldn't see her any more, but I wondered what my sweet new mare thought of the cool raindrops landing on her warm back.

And then I thought of something I once wrote in a poem long ago: "Sometimes the sun shines through the rain". (How fitting for my life since Willow died...)

Rain.  Yes, I will call her Rain.  It's absolutely perfect... just like her.

October 11, 2013

Lucy Strikes Again...

The other day, I took a shortcut out to the farm last week and saw a sign alongside the country road that said, "Found 2 kittens. Please claim before they have to go to the shelter." Well, I couldn't help myself and called. The man explained that he'd been biking on that road when he saw the kittens nearly get hit by a car. They kept crossing the road, and he knew that if he didn't rescue them, they'd be killed. So he hid his bike behind some bushes and scooped them up- one under each arm- and started walking. He was several miles from home when a woman stopped and asked if he needed help. She kindly gave him and the kittens a ride home. I told the man that I'd help him try to find their owners, and if they weren't claimed I would either find them a home or take them myself and to call me in a few days.

Well, while I was on Craigslist trying to see if anyone had posted about lost kittens, my fingers suddenly gained a mind of their own and slowly typed H O R S E in the search bar. I tried to stop myself, but couldn't... And that's how I found a sweet Western Pleasure show mare in Mississippi (advertising in Nashville). I've never ever clicked on a Western Pleasure horse ad, as I ride English and know nothing about Western Pleasure. Yet something compelled me to do it. And to watch her video. And to call the number. And then... yes... to buy her and set up her delivery for Sunday morning. Now how am I gonna "splain" this to Michael... I wondered. But I'd been through all that before - several times. And my sweet husband always comes around. Well, eventually...♥ 

October 10, 2013

Mirabella & Violet

I think Violet still thinks Mirabella is her baby... she still shares her food. ♥

October 9, 2013

All 7 horses (video)

I love our herd (and that's including my angel, Willow) ♥

October 8, 2013

Three months with Misty

Misty... She is so beautiful... always has been to me though. And here's what just three months of love and nurture can mean to a horse...♥