August 4, 2013

Nibbles the Pony

We weren't really looking for another horse, but I woke up yesterday morning with the feeling I should take a look online...  and I found the cutest pony.  Described as super sweet, I thought he might just be perfect for the kids...    There were several people interested in him, and I was impressed that the owners wanted to show him to everyone before deciding who would be the right home.  We had so much fun at their farm... especially with the darling bottle-fed baby cows they had!

 And here is Sophie riding our new pony (Sasha named him Nibbles!) :)

And little Sasha riding Nibbles too... ♥

August 2, 2013

The reason I hold on...

The reason I hold on 
'cause I need this hole gone...

 Funny you're the broken one 
 but I'm the only one who needed saving... 


I think this was the last photo of us together. I was a mess... crying so hard in the comfort of her mane. I am trying so hard to learn from my sweet Willow... though she was a horse, she rose above all of the awful things in her life and held her head so high. She was such a good example for me, and I've been trying harder to live like she did.

And though I still have so much more to learn from her, I am so so thankful to God for showing me the light through my wonderful Willow. Truly... I've experienced a miracle. And she has saved me...

But I still miss her... ♥