November 30, 2012

A little history..

Abandoned by the dressage trainer who had likely neglected her for many months, she was found in very poor condition. Emaciated, sick, hungry, and dirty... In desperate need of a temporary and safe home for her and 14 other horses, the Kentucky businessman who owned them learned of Leah Marie King, a  musician from Canada who had just purchased a large farm in northern Tennessee. Leah and her husband Mark took them in, cared for them, and loved them. It's been three months, and now they are trying to find these horses loving homes.
She looked thin in her photos, but nothing could prepare me for what I saw when we went to meet her. I had never seen a starved horse, and I guess I didn't even realize that she had been neglected. And she's black, so shadows don't always show so well in photographs. She was sunken in... her hips protruded out so much. She was so so skinny, and she lacked muscle. I just wasn't prepared for that... I was a bit shocked. I couldn't even lift my camera to photograph her. I was frozen, and as we heard her story, I cried. We spent some time with her and Leah and Mark. This mare was so so sweet, so quiet and gentle. Much smaller than Paloma, and she was so affectionate and kind. Despite the neglect and her condition, her mane and tail were beautiful. And her eyes were kind and bright - I'm quite sure because of Leah and Mark's evident love for her. At one point, I braided her long wavy mane, and she seemed to love being groomed. At the end of our visit, as I said goodbye to her, I took a chance and scratched inside her ear. Like Paloma, she loved it, and then she slowly lowered her head and nuzzled my chest. As I walked away thinking that I'd never see her again, I prayed for her. I truly thought Michael (my husband) and Martha (my trainer) would think I was crazy to want to purchase a sick, neglected horse with a medical condition (especially one which would inhibit her weight gain and recovery). But they didn't. They both loved her as much as I did... and they thought she was perfect. Perfect for me.