January 14, 2013

A Sad Day at Martha's Farm

I knew something was wrong before I even heard Martha's voice... I just felt it. "Shana, there isn't an easy way to tell you this..." she started... "Oh my gosh, Martha, what's wrong?"... panic and fear that something had happened to Willow. "Alice passed away during the night." Alice? Oh my gosh, poor Ada was my first thought. The big black Percheron sisters had been together since birth and were both in their late thirties. I wrote about them several posts ago because they were Willow's pasture mates at Martha's farm. Oh my gosh, poor Martha! She loves Alice and Ada... and they have been such an imporant part of Martha's farm since she helped rescue them in 1998. They had been plow horses on a large farm for years, but when the farmer passed away, they were pretty much left to fend for themselves and were found starving. There is a framed newspaper article in Martha's tackroom telling their whole story. I am learning that every horse has an incredible story... and sweet Alice's ended today.

Apparently she had fallen during the night. Martha said she found her lying flat in the morning... a hole in the wet ground where her hoof had tried so hard to pull herself up... frost on her wooly black fur. That part still breaks my heart.  The vet said that it was time, and they had to put her down. They buried her right there in the pasture. It only seemed right, Martha explained. Willow spent the entire day in one of the front pastures... She knew that it wouldn't be good for Willow  to be surrounded by such sadness, and we know that she has experienced more than her fair share of loss.

The photo above is Ada, who I know misses her dear sister...  I am thankful Willow has enjoyed these couple months with such kind souls.  Rest in peace, sweet Alice.  And extra hugs and carrots for you from now on, sweet Ada....


  1. Those white eyebrows that they each have.. what precious souls. Poor sweet Ada.. she will grieve terribly. :( Alice is running and rolling and having a grand time, and Ada will be there with her in due time. xoxox...

  2. So bittersweet. It's so sad that sweet Alice passed away, but what a blessing that she was able to stay with her sister her whole life... and in her late 30's? Wow! I imagine she was incredibly well loved since she was rescued with her sister, that's probably why she lived so long :)
    Much to grieve, but much to celebrate.

  3. With tears falling as I watch your video and read the story. How blessed these beautiful horses are and thank you for rescuing them. What a blessing you are to them and them to you :-)

  4. Just catching up here...loved Willow's video. You tell a beautiful story. So sorry to hear of Alice's passing. Prayers for Ada as she will no doubt miss her sister. We recently lost Tic, brother to Tac, both around 25 years old and Tennessee Walker/Draft horses. It pains me everyday to see him without his brother standing by his side in the pasture. Thank goodness we have Dancer, a young Appaloosa who seems to have taken Tac under his wing. Here is our story of love and loss...http://www.susannsaarelphotography.com/theblog/2012/12/letting-go/.

  5. missed but never forgotten! now extra prayer and love energy being sent for Ada!!!