June 30, 2013

Violet is her name...

So I finally decided to name our new mare Violet. She has had several names through the years, and her name has been Bella for the last 3 months... But because I already have a Mirabella and a business named Florabella... I thought it was Bella overload. And Violet really suits her... It will be her name now and forever...   And the meaning is just so perfect...

From my research on the name "Violet": Violet has a variety of meanings: Love; Modesty; Virtue; Affection; Faithfulness ("I'll always be true") and a Good Luck symbol for women. People with this name have a deep inner desire for love and companionship, and want to work with others to achieve peace and harmony.

I couldn't think of a better way to describe this mare...

Violette is so so sweet, and particularly so with Mirabella.  The morning after Violet arrived, I still can't believe what happened when we went to feed them.  We did what we usually do and fed Paloma in her stall and Mirabella in hers.  We have a round pen which is open to the barn stall doors on one side. We put Violet's bowl of food there.  Mirabella and Paloma ate like usual, but Violet wouldn't eat.  Instead she put her head over Mirabella's stall door and watched her finish her food.  After a while, we let Mirabella out with Violet thinking that maybe Violet would eat then...  well not only did she eat, but she shared her food with Mirabella. They took turns eating from the same bowl...  I've never seen horses do this before.  I know Violet would never hurt Mirabella... but I didn't quite expect her to share.

I think Violet thinks Mirabella is her baby... it is so so sweet... <3

Martha came to see Violet later that day, and as I expected, she loved her.  She said I did good. :)  I know that Martha truly believes that Willow led me to her, but it makes me feel good to know that Martha thinks Violet is good for me...  and for Mirabella.  Martha and I talked about how bonded they are already.  Perhaps, Willow led me to her for Mirabella.  Afterall, how will I ever be able to take Violet out for a trail ride and with Michael and Paloma?  Violet will not want to leave Mirabella.  And I hadn't thought about this before, but we would never leave Mirabella all alone.  hmmm....    I wondered how this would all play out, but I knew for sure that Violet was meant to be with us.


  1. Violet is so pretty! I'm glad she's looking over Mira but I just love Violet's face! I'd love a horse like her one day.

  2. Oh, Shana! I'm so glad Violet is finally HOME��

  3. Ummmmmm maybe Mirabella will have to learn to lead off Violet for short rides next year! Although in all reality it would be best to make them be apart for a little while and extend it upto an hour, or it could become a problem if they bond tooooooo much as you would always have very upset horses if you had to separate them...... It is so sweet they are such pals already. xxx

  4. I love that your horse family is expanding! How very lucky these animals are to have found you. I'm sure Willow has guided you to those that need your love - and she will continue to watch over all of you. I can't wait to read your updates on all your horses - and your beautiful children as well. Best wishes from Mary in CA.

  5. Talk with Martha about how to teach Mirabella to be ponied so she can go with you on rides. It will help her training too.

  6. Oh Shana, I love your posts!! This is meant to be!! I will say a prayer for you all ;)