December 7, 2012

Dr. Hawthorne's 2nd visit

Dr. Hawthorne came to treat her today.  He gave her an accupuncture treatment to help her liver and kidney functions...  He also sedated her so he could float her teeth.  He and Martha agreed I should not be there but reported that she did great.  "This is a nice mare, Martha," Dr. Hawthorne said with a smile, "They don't get any better than this. "    He said she was a good patient, and like I already knew- a sweet horse. ♥

As Dr. Hawthorne wrote his notes at the desk in Martha's barn, I couldn't help but notice the seemingly haphazard arrangement of items on the desk.... The horse figure and the clock especially.  I wondered about my sweet horse, just a shadow of the beautiful strong Friesian mare she must have been once.   Is she racing against time now?  Or aside from "love and groceries", is time all she needs?  I need to learn to be more patient- I know that.  But as the fear that perhaps she would continue to lose weight crept into my mind, I was reminded that I need to have more faith.  I need to let faith and love conquer my fear.  Patience and faith... I'm going to work on that. ♥

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