December 13, 2012

Episode #3

Dr. Kimmons came out to meet Willow today.  While Dr. Hawthorne has examined her and has been testing and treating her, Dr. Kimmons is our normal vet and we adore him.  We really just wanted Willow under his care as well.  We all arrived at the same time.  It was still early morning, and Martha had kept Willow in her stall for us.  As I pulled her door open, she walked right toward us and coughed directly into poor Dr. Kimmon's face (he was such a good sport though.. and he still called her "sweetheart".  It was clear to me right away... was choking again. :(   Three times in her first week with us (could be more times that we weren't around to see).  Dr. Kimmons told me how sweet and beautiful she indeed was, but that she needed to gain at least 300 pounds.  He said that the therapies she was receiving were good, but that likely she would have this condition for the rest of her life....

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