December 30, 2012

More from Willow's past

What a wonderful suprise!  I received an email and some photos from a girl named Hayley who worked at Leah's farm for the three months Willow was there...

Hello there! 

I have been wanting to get in contact with you and say how truly happy I am that this sweet sweet mare has gotten such a great home. My name is Hayley Smith, and I hate that I never got the opportunity to meet you. I work for Mark and Leah, and was with Willow (MG to me :) ) the entire time. 
Immediately had such a connection with this sweet horse. I don't think I have ever actually seen such emotion displayed through a horse. Even though you can tell she is struggling, she is truly a warrior. Her eyes speak such sorrow, yet hope at the same time. The days that she was perked up, and nickering at me walking down the aisleway, made it all worth it. I used to spend such lengthy periods of times just watching her on days like this. Especially with her adorable fuzzy ears that just stay pricked forward, longing for attention.   
Personally, I hadn't ever experienced a horse with the medical problem that she has, and it tore me up having to watch her. I always did my best trying to comfort her through it, even if all I could do was try soothing words at her stall gate....

 Photo 1: I spent one day at work researching how to do this braid because me & Leah LOVED the appearance of it, however didn't know anything about where to start. I brought a bucket and flipped it upside down while I worked on sweet Willow. She was the most patient horse and I think I had to try at least 5 or 6 times before getting it right. She would just look at me, as though she understood what I was doing and truly appreciated it. The heart on that horse can just leap out in my text as I type. I think she will always have a piece of my heart, just the same as every other horse from that ranch. 

 Photo 2:She used to always spend her time standing on the hill. Gazing out at the other horses. She never had a buddy that she really clung to out in the field, which broke my heart. Such a lonely soul. There was one day however, that she ran up this hill as Leah & Mark turned her out. And of course, I MISSED IT! I knew in that moment though, deep down inside, that she was going to be okay. That God was going to bless her and give her everything she deserved.

You are the answer to so many prayers that I sent up for these sweet horses. Just seeing the love and affection you have through your blog shows that all of my work was well worth it. Everyday in the heat, and the cold. I wish I could really show my happiness through this email. So many emotions are brought to life just thinking of the 3  months I was lucky enough to try and help. I know that all the rest of the horses are going to be okay because of great people such as yourself for proving that the world can always be a better place.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.

I have been so lucky to hear from so many people who have known and loved my sweet Willow.  Not even knowing her name or age when I bought her... or how sick she really was... it has been amazing to hear from people who knew her as Leona, and it's just as special to hear from sweet Hayley who clearly sees the same soulful, loving horse that I do.  Thank you so much, Hayley... and thank you for loving and caring for Willow as I know you and Leah did.  Please come visit her soon.   You can teach me how to make those braids, and  I know Willow would love to see you...


  1. Shana, I so hope you truly realize how much you and Willow are alike in, as far as I can tell, every way. I believe you two to be soul-mates in the truest sense of the word. You have only been reunited ;)

    There are no mistakes.


    your friend,

    1. Scott, I love what you wrote... thank you so much...

    2. p.s. You are the same Scott that commented before under "Roadtripper" no? I so love the way you write and your comments... thank you.

  2. same one ;)
    you're quite welcome!

    have a blessed day and give that big girl a hug for me!