February 28, 2013

She's coming home!!

I'm SO excited that my sweet Willow is being released from the hospital today!  Michael is on his way up to get her now... It's almost a 5 hour drive, and it's going to be snowing in Kentucky, so I'm a bit nervous and hope the trip is a safe one.

We have Willow's stall all ready for her... padded with clean, warm straw.... and of course our new sweetie (who remains nameless).  Martha is coming over to play with him with me today, so hopefully we can finalize his name.  He's doing great though...  We brought Charlie and Paloma over to meet him yesterday.  Paloma seemed very interested in him (across the fence), and Charlie got really upset about that... he's super possessive of Paloma.  They are back in their pasture now though, and the big guy is out there munching on grass waiting to meet Willow.  :)

I do hope it warms up soon.  I want to spend as much time out in the barn with Willow as I can.  I need to find more things to add to my list of ideas to keep Willow from getting to bored in her stall for two long months.  I'm just so happy she is recovering so well!

Anyway, we are all smiles around here today!


  1. Best news of the day! I am excited to watch her progress. :)

  2. SO happy you will have your Queen home. Hope your new dude has a name soon too :)

  3. Best news today!!!! Cant wait to see pics of the sweet girl home.

  4. Best news today!!!! Cant wait to see pics of the sweet girl home.

  5. No worries about snow. I'm in Lexington and we only have some flurries. So happy for you and Willow! God is good and so are Rood and Riddle!

    1. oh thank you Claire!! She's on her way and I can't wait!

  6. how wonderful and exciting. i can't wait to hear how willow does with her beautiful new friend.