July 3, 2013

Misty Blue

Oh, It's been such a long long time
Looks like I'd get you off of my mind 
But I can't, just the thought of you 
Turns my whole world misty blue...
                                        -Bob Montgomery 

Misty Blue is one of my favorite old songs.. and it's always reminded me of Willow and my love for her...   

And when I was a little girl, my Grandpa had a horse named Windy Blue...   I think of my Grandpa every day, especially now that I have horses.  I know he would have been so excited and proud that I'm somewhat of a country girl now and especially that I love horses just as he did.

I have so many wonderful memories of our summers at Grandpa's ranch.  He was an amazing man...  I miss him so much.  Sometimes I wish I could call him to ask him for his advice, and now that I have horses of my own, I wish I knew more about how he took care of his horses... his theories, his methods, etc.

Mostly though, I just wish I could call him to tell him about Willow, what I've learned from her, and all of the miracles she's sent to me.

And I wonder if he and Willow are up in Heaven together...

That's me on the left riding my favorite horse, Dan.  My Grandpa with the sweet baby... and my Dad and little brother riding Windy Blue.

So in honor of my Grandpa and my love for Willow, my new mare's name will be Misty Blue...


  1. Beautiful, Shana - it's all coming together and making sense for you thanks to Willow. Can't wait for more updates! Your horses are providing therapy for those of us reading your blog. Amazingly beautiful stories :)

  2. beautiful tribute. i look so forward to reading your posts.

  3. As heartbreaking as the loss of Willow was, I just knew that her story wasn't over. I am very happy that you are sharing this continuing story with us!

  4. Hi Shanna...I don't want to cross any lines, as i dont know your spiritual beliefs...but maybe your Grandpa has something to do with Willow coming to be with you...from what I've read up until this post, I see a lot of connections. Thank you for sharing...you are inspiring to me inany ways. God bless you. Melissa

  5. You're gonna need another stable ! lol Those are some very lucky.... and even if they don't know it yet ... VERY loved horses!!

  6. What great connections coming together! Your blog is indeed therapeutic. Looking forward to hearing about the wonderful things ahead for you and the horses :)

  7. Wow wonderful, I wish that I lived so free as you do and that I could keep horses, they are such sweet animals, well maybe someday??? I hope so.

  8. I am so shocked and amazed at this story AND Sasha looks EXACTLY like you as a kiddo!!!!