November 20, 2013

Misty & Romeo

So often in the morning lately, I'm awoken early by the sun rays streaming into my room... and I get this feeling - a sort of nudge to run out to the barn. And when I do, something magical usually seems to happen.

On this particular morning, our new barn kitten Romeo seemed particularly interested in Misty, and at one point I thought they were going to touch noses or maybe even kiss, so I started snapping with my iphone...

Of course I didn't notice anything until I reviewed the photos... the two below are in sequence. In the first, Misty and Romeo seem to be seeing or sensing something, and then in the 2nd photo, there was that small green light (some call it an orb) that so often appears (especially near Willow's stall). ♥


  1. Hi Shana,

    I just found your blog and read it all the way through. I used to read Waiting for Sophie way back when and am glad to catch up with you again. What a wonderful and worthwhile thing are you doing! My partner and I never had pets, but we rescued a dog this year and now we are talking about rescuing a few more and maybe one day having a dog rescue of our own. It is amazing how animals change us for the better. I hope you continue to blog, this space is really beautiful and inspiring.


    1. Thank you so much sweet Tamara. <3 I'm glad you are helping animals... and what a blessing to you it will be.

  2. thats totally Willow.. I just know it.. how awesome!!