December 5, 2012

She arrives...

The sky was so ominous while I waited on the barn steps for the trailer to arrive... as I sat there, I journaled my thoughts, my questions, and my doubts... Would I be good enough for her? Would we really be able to help her? Why was I taking this on now when I am so overwhelmed and over committed already? What would the vets say when they saw her? Was she even more sick than we knew? What had she been through? And why would someone do this to her? Mostly though, how could I quiet my mind enough to really listen to my heart - to connect with this horse - to learn and grow from this experience?

And then they pulled up and opened the trailer door. When I saw her again, I knew that she was right where she belonged. And everything else would work itself out (like it always does). I cried when I saw how Leah braided her hair for her for her journey. There is something so very sweet and thoughtful about that...

I took this so we could document her rehabilitation... it's so hard for me to look at. :(

She is so so malnourished and thin though... she needs fat and muscle... and love. ♥

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  1. I purposely never wanted to read Willows blog when you got her, I knew it would break my heart. I never knew I could love a horse so much until we got ours a little over a year ago. I'm so glad that Willow found someone to love her and take care of her. God Bless