February 14, 2013

A suprise!

Leah is coming to see Willow tomorrow, and she is bringing someone special with her! ♥

As much as Martha and I thought that Willow would do better in her own pasture, we are now convinced that she needs a pasture mate.  While discussing it with Leah (who rescued her and cared for her the first three months before I bought her), Leah came up with a lovely idea.  She has a sweet mare.. a quarter horse named Raven* that she loves very much...  Leah knows how much we love and care for our horses, and she generously offered to bring Raven to us so Willow can have a pasture mate, and I can have a horse to ride while Willow recovers.  Michael rides Paloma now (she is just too much of a power house for me), so a quiet quarter horse will be perfect.  Leah says Raven loves to be groomed and loved on, so she will fit right in around here.  I can't wait to meet her!  And I realize Willow may not "bond" with her, since she's so independent, but I just know that she will feel safter and more secure with another horse in her pasture.  Leah is just the sweetest! ♥

* Raven is what Leah calls her... but get this... her registerd name is "Miss Lucky Deluxe"!!! How Florabella is that??  She is black with two back white socks and a white star on her head.  We'll have to wait and see what exactly we end up calling her...  I'm so excited! :)

(photo above is Willow of course) :)


  1. Sounds like everything is going well, my friend. Having Raven around will be a huge difference so long as Willow doesn't get too jealous ;)
    This photo is stunning and you can really see in her eyes how much more healthy she is :)
    Have a beautiful weekend, Shana!!!

  2. I just read this whole blog and I am so in awe of you Shana and the amazing people working with you to help get Willow healthy.. I am also so saddened and disgusted at how cruel people can be.. how could anyone treat such a magnificent animal that way.. or any animal for that matter.. I just do not understand that kind of cruelty and abuse.. it makes me so sad and several times while reading your journey I have been in tears.. but I can clearly see that she is very loved and loved by the right people.. I know that with your love and determination she will be healthy and happy.. God Speed to you Shana and your team.. You are all amazing in my eyes.