February 12, 2013

Missing Martha's Farm!

As much as I love having Willow home with me, I'm missing everything about Martha's farm.  I miss the barn cats (this is Miriam... Abigail's mother), the gorgeous barn light, the drive in the country, the other horses and boarders, etc.  Mostly, though... I miss Martha.  ♥  We have always been friends, but we have really gotten close these past few months...  I am so blessed to have her as a trainer, consultant, and friend.  I am so grateful for everything she has done... not only for Willow, but also for me.  I will never forget all the long talks, stories, and songs we shared out at her farm... or how lovingly she tended to Willow when she struggled.  Beautiful on the outside, and even moreso on the inside, Martha is truly an angel... one of the many blessings from my journey with Willow. ♥ 


  1. You've painted a lovely picture of heaven... and I can't wait until you get your barn cats ;)

    1. thanks! We do have a barncat named Oliver! We need another one though :) So when you say Heaven, you mean Martha's farm? :)

    2. Oh yes, at least one more ;)
      How do you think Oliver would welcome another cat?
      The barn, the country drives, the light, the animals... yes I do mean heaven ;)
      Things were pretty simple, and then this happened ( www.buzzfeed.com/summeranne/two-tiny-kittens-rescued-from-a-junk-pile ), lol. (It ended up being four) :/
      Things are tighter and tougher than ever now, but the rewards are now daily ;)