February 15, 2013

Raven (Miss Lucky Deluxe)

Willow's new pasture mate arrived today!!!  Sweet Leah and Mark have had her for a little over a year... they rescued her from a poor situation (they are the sweetest). She was skin and bones and has apparently been ridden and/or worked too hard in her short life at some point. But Leah and Mark loved her and nursed her back to health, and now feel that she would be a perfect fit for us.  She is a nine year old Quarter Horse... black with two back white socks and a white star on her head.  I love her star. ♥  Like Leah said she would be, she is quiet and super sweet.  She loves attention and will be a great horse for me and Sophie Lu to ride.  We are going to start groundwork training with her next week once she is all settled in.  Here she is taking a gallop (she and Willow were so frisky) out in the back pasture.  They had so much fun together, but only after Willow planted a firm kick on this sweet girl's rear end (leaving a hoof mark and all) to establish her dominance.  Was there ever any doubt that Willow would be the boss?  lol... she is a queen, that is for sure.  But like Leah said, Willow will be happy to have her own pasture mate... even though she would never admit it. ♥


  1. This post just makes me smile!!

  2. that last line about sums it up, huh?!, lol...
    Shana, this is so good for all involved. I'm so happy for you, enjoy every moment :)

  3. Congratulations my friend! What a fun move forward to making a happy place to heal, live, and grow. I'm so excited for you about this news. As always I look forward to hearing about all the latest happenings with your family of horses and animals, but also your own little human family too. Your living a dream I can only imagine.

    With Warm Regards,