June 26, 2013

Another Gift from Willow (Part 4)

Martha called me right after she and Dr. Kimmons left. She said the bay mare was not as thin as we had expected. Her feet were overgrown and needed tending to, and the pain from her teeth was so bad that it was hard for her to eat much. Perhaps the ads on Craigslist saying pretty much that she was near death were old or exagerrated... Either way, it was clear that this mare needed more land, to be with other horses, and to have her teeth and feet tended to. Dr. Kimmons examined her and floated her teeth, and we agreed to arrange for a farrier. Martha wasn't sure that this mare was right for our family, but we agreed to help her find the perfect home. (there is a bit more to that story that I can't share at this time in the mare's best interest.)

A few days later, we returned to Tennessee.. It felt so good to be home... the horses were so happy to see us! They were well taken care of while we were away, but Mirabella looked like a competely different mare! She was no longer blackish, but now more of a golden color! We decided to keep her in during the hottest hours of the day from now on... (either way she is still SUPER cute... gosh I missed her)! Short video on Instagram of how sweet she is! (notice her sweet fuzzy baby mane!)

The next day, our new mare arrived!

I hand grazed her for a while.. she was a tiny bit alert but calmed down quickly... we put her in a stall next to Mirabella... They were instant friends. :)


  1. Shana, you sound like me...we moved to the country and I had one horse. Seven years later I now have 11! I also have a very understanding and generous husband ;-)

  2. I loved reading these posts. I can't wait to see how the story ends! This is so exciting. Whenever I have a case at court downtown on Market Street, I take a few carrots to give to the horses they have in the park for carriage rides. At least those horses look healthy and have a good weight. I feel badly for them because I think that must be a hard job to lug that heavy wagon around in the heat.

  3. So lovely to hear you sounding more positive and happier............ I know Willow has left a gaping hole in your heart but you now appear to have embraced that hole and are moving forward with a little skip and sparkle in your eye. xxx

  4. I love that you are writing again. Willow started all of this and I anxiously awaited your next post about her and now I can't wait to see what you write next with all of the new horses. All of these horses are connected to Willow in some way so it's kind of like she is still here. Keep writing and posting. : )

  5. Found this blog recently and thought you might be interested. Contains wonderful stories and info about horses. http://thesoulofahorse.com/blog/