June 26, 2013

Another Gift from Willow (Part 3)

To my surprise, Michael didn't freak out... instead he seemed eager to find out more about this mare and what we could do to help (he has a big heart that way). After searching for a bit, I found the original ad and called the number.  The girl who answered sounded very young... she explained that her mare needed a new home... that she was now living in their yard with not much land... and that she was a bit thin.  She assured me that she was feeding her and giving her water.  I asked if I could send someone out to see her (since I was in Florida, I thought I'd send Martha).  She agreed but warned me that Martha would not be able to ride her mare because her feet needed trimming and she had hooks so wouldn't be able to take a bit (her teeth hadn't been floated in a long time).

Michael and Martha were both horrified.  Michael and I discussed it and decided to sent Martha and our vet out to examine this mare and to have her teeth floated.  We also planned to arrange for a farrier to tend to her feet...  We felt the urgency to have these things taken care of before making any other decisions (since we were out of town).

At this point I really didn't know what to do.  I still had an appointment to see the black Quarter Horse but wasn't sure that I should.  Perhaps finding her was part of the plan... part of the path that Willow was leading me on to this other mare in TN that needed help?   So I called the QH mare's owner, Danielle.  I explained to her the whole story...   and she listened.  But as soon as I mentioned the name "Willow", she asked "Willow?  Did you say Willow? That was Bella's pasture mate's name!"    And there was the final sign...  And I decided to keep my appointment.

Saturday couldn't come fast enough...  we packed up the kids and left the beach to drive way out to the country.  Bella's farm was beautiful...  and Danielle was as sweet as could be.  The farm owners were wonderful too.  In fact, within 3 minutes, the farmer had all my kids in the chicken coop collecting eggs!  He spent a couple hours with them... herding and petting sheep, wading in the river, playing with the dogs, feeding the horses, and having tons of fun with the chickens!  Even Sasha (who is a mama's girl) followed this farmer all over.  The kids had SO much fun...

And Bella was beautiful.  I rode her in the arena, as did Michael.  We both liked her instantly.  She was quiet and super sweet. We hung out with her for quite a while, and then they all convinced me to go on a trail ride with Danielle (on another horse) and one of the farm owners.  I resisted because I didn't know the trails, was afraid we'd see snake in the marsh, and I didn't even have riding boots on.  But I went, and I was glad I did.  Because on the trail ride, I forgot about everything that worried me.  I felt relaxed and peaceful... and I didn't feel afraid.  And at the end I realized... that yes, maybe Willow wanted to lead me to a rescue, but that she also wanted me to have another gift...  she wanted me to ride.   And she wanted me to have a horse that I didn't have to worry about or cry over... just one that would continue to do what she started... she wanted me to have a horse that would rescue me.

I made the deal before we drove off.  And Bella was mine.  <3  On the way home, I asked the kids to tell me their favorite part of our "beach vacation".  They all answered,  "The farm!"    I guess you can take family away from the country, but you can't take the country out of our family. :)

And that's how I ended up buying a horse on our beach vacation.  Now what to do about the rescue mare in TN...


  1. She's so beautiful...thanks so much for keeping us updated!

  2. Ah NOW you did it! Crying again :) Shana I started our adoption process around the time you did with Sophie. I have followed your various blogs hit and miss throughout the years! Thank you for sharing your journeys! I love your photos, and love reading your blogs! I really think you should write a book and include snippets of both. Take care, and congratulations on your new additions. Did you get the kitten too? :)

  3. What to do about the Mare ? You already know the answer to that as well as we do ! lol

    1. Yes, well that is what I'd like to do... but the situation is kinda complicated... (and I'm a bit behind posting it here) :)

  4. Your stories and capacity for love and giving never stop bringing a smile to my face... and a few tears along the way. What you do for these animals is beautiful.

  5. I just love this story. Thanks for sharing.