June 12, 2013

I can feel you....

Dear Willow,

I can feel you... I know you are trying to tell me something. I know you are trying to lead me somewhere or to something.

I am praying for clarity, for a clear mind, and an open heart.  I want to hear you...

And I miss you still.  So so much...

Please help me, my sweet girl.  Help me to understand where you are trying to lead me...

And I will listen carefully.  Because I know your soul speaks so softly...

I love you,



  1. It will hit you when you aren't thinking about it. Praying for you still


  2. Willows story reached out and touched so many lives, hearts and souls. We think of her often ... and you. I know she'll forever be right by your side. I am so glad she found you .. and you her.

  3. I think now maybe you know where she led you , and that she will never leave you :)

  4. You know there are some horse that will leave a tear in your heart forever............. I still miss my Lawrence and he has been gone some 16 years now :'( He was the best horse ever............

  5. When you stop missing her, you will get the clarity. At your most happiest times, you will hear. When you miss her, you change the frequency from clarity to fuzziness. She has not gone, she is all around in spirit, but in the vibration of missing her or grief, you cannot hear :) Let it be easy.