December 22, 2012

More from Willow's Past

Today I heard from Dana Adams... yet another person who knew Willow long ago.... her words brought me to tears:

"Shana, Leona (Willow) is a one of a kind....her beauty knows no bounds. I was horrified, heartsick, and angry beyond words when Nancy (I call her "Mom" even though she isn't really my mother she has treated me way better than the real thing) told me about the horses. I have worked with her and all her horses since she had Paints. Each and every horse to ever set foot on that farm was loved unconditionally. Leona was always especially so....she and Nanco were always my favorite photo subjects. I am so so happy she has you for a mom now, I just don't understand how anyone could hurt any of them (or really what kind of sick person hurts any animal really) but they especially have always been such sweet souls. And yes I meant what I said that woman had better never let me find her, she better pray the authorities find her first because I won't be so kind.

Shana thank you for taking care of her. I haven't had the courage to look at your site, my friend who also knew her, looked at it and told me about the details and what you had done for her. She didn't think I should see the photos of her quite yet either, but I will go through my old photos and find what I can for you. I did see her photo when I went to your FB page I did not click on her shot of the two of you fully, though I did see it. The photo of you two together brought tears to my eyes. But that is the beautiful face and soulful eye I always loved! The one of you hugging her neck is gorgeous as well. I would know that head, eye and ear anywhere!

Again Thanks so much! God Bless and Merry Christmas!
PS...she LOVES peppermints.... "

I love to hear that others can see in her what I do... her sweetness, her beauty, her soulfulness...   and of course, I had already figured out that Willow loved peppermings (shhh... don't tell Martha)! ♥

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