March 1, 2013

Home (part 2)

Snowing, dark, and so cold.... I just came in from the barn.  Willow choked tonight. :(

First day home, and this makes two days in a row.  And it seemed worse than ever.... her throat was so noisy.  As I hugged her and tried to help her, I could feel her throat muscles contracting almost constantly.  She was really struggling for about an hour.

My hands are so cold, but they smell like her. I love the way she smells. I've missed burying my head in her neck and mane and just smelling her soft fur.  I'm so emotional right now...

What is it about comforting her that comforts me so much?   When she struggles, I hug her and try to gently massage her neck, and she relaxes into me and completely drapes her head over my shoulder.  I love when she does that... it's like she completely trusts me... and for those moments I forget that she's 1000 pounds, because she feels light as a feather and I feel so safe.

Martha will call the Dr. tomorrow and likely come over to see what she can do...   My sweet Willow has been through so much.  I just wish she was at least comfortable now...


  1. Oh Shana, I'm sorry for her struggles. She trusts you completely and you both draw strength and love from each other. I so hope that once she's back on her epm meds, the choking will stop. Continued prayers and blessings to you both.

  2. Hi Shana. Hopefully once she is back on her medicine the choking will subside. I am keeping all of you in my prayers. Please take care.


  3. SO glad she is home. It seems your new gypsy wants to be friends....he and Willow may become best friends. I pass a property each day, with really quite a small area for three horses, but I so enjoy watching them. I see two of them who appear to be friends, and they often stand head to tail, kind of cozying up to each other. Some days they are side by side, face to face, and they seem to muzzle each other. I don't know much about horses, but they appear to be very good friends. They often eat together, almost face to face... LOVE them!

  4. Oh gosh. I'm so sorry that she choked again. How long till you can start the EPM meds again? I know a bit about EPM, but not much. I suspect that the stress from the surgery and transport could make any EPM related issues worse? I sure hope that this improves again when the meds start. Poor baby, I just can't imagine. . . I'm sure she's super glad to be home and to have you there again.

  5. I am so glad she is home. I am praying that each day again the chocking will be less untill gone. I agree that now she is home and the stress will be gone the EPM will subside and she will grow better and better. Prays to you both and happy thoughts.

  6. Oh, I hate to read of her struggling. So sad. I am praying she gets better soon.

  7. Is someone home during the day? We had a gelding that choked severely years ago and we found he ate pretty well if we thoroughly soaked his pellets until they were oatmeal consistency and fed small portions several times through out the day. We also mixed his bran and other supplements into this "mush". When we started we did every hour about 2 cups. It was time consuming, but we were also able to scale it back till we found a schedule that worked for him - and he put on weight. He was a grand horse, and we had him from a 2 year old till the day he died (at 26, of old age). I know how scary it is, and our thoughts and prayers are with you. We are rooting for you.