March 18, 2013

Weeping Willow - a gift from Michael

Michael disappeared for over three hours the other morning... I had no idea what he was up to, but he returned with a very beautiful gift for me...  a Weeping Willow tree.  He planted it in our backyard near the barn, and I can see Willow's stall from where he put it.  This was the sweetest gift he has ever given me... and it made me cry.

The next day, they delivered Willow's ashes to me along with a certificate and a lock of her mane. They came in a pretty box with her name engraved on it... and also inside was a little bag with the plate and screws from her broken leg surgery.... It was so hard for me to accept these things. How I wished that surgery had worked... how I wish this was all a nightmare and that Willow was still here with me...

I think I will bury her ashes under the Weeping Willow, and then we'll plant some flowers that will bloom every spring.  I can't believe it's almost spring.... it doesn't feel like spring to me...


  1. OMG that made me cry! What a thoughtful gift with so much meaning! I hope each day gets better for you.

  2. He's a keeper! Very thoughtful gift. Although it will never replace having Willow there, it is nice to have a place to go and "visit" when you need to. ((hugs))
    Pam in AZ

  3. This post has touched me deeply - what a wonderful gift. Do you know that WILLOW is a Bach Flower Remedy ? It is needed for who thinks: WHY did this happen to ME........
    Warm and heartfelt hugs to you Shana ❤

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  5. I don't know you but I have read all about Willow and I came upon a song that seems so fitting for you and Willow if you ever do another slideshow or video of her. It is called: Fields of Gold by Eva Cassidy. It just seems so fitting for you and Willow.